Juliana Beach Resort

Juliana Beach Resort

You do not know where to spend you summer vacation whether you are alone or with family and friends? During the winter time the weather is not so pleasing? You want to enjoy the great weather throughout the whole year?

Well, we got you!

Juliana Beach Resort offers approximately 400 apartments which include different views such as mountain, pool or the magnificent sea view and variety of types whether studios or up to 3 bedrooms’ apartments. So far it is the perfect and the most reasonable alternative to invest in a great apartment located in Juliana Beach Resort on the Red Sea Coast, where you can enjoy the endless sunshine rays, the morning sea breeze, feel the sand in your feet, the unforgettable sea view and much more.

Beside that the resort is located directly on the beach, it offers various beneficial and valuable services. These services include 24/7security, parking (for extra fee), pool, direct beach access, spa, gym, aquapark, housekeeping services, Juliana café, open roof chill area and many more.

Hurghada is located in the heart of the Red Sea. This city is known for its perpetually warm weather throughout the year. Being in Hurghada gives you the opportunity to admire the coral reef of the Red Sea every day. The purchase of apartments here provides you with always a good mood as the sun will always shine and warm you with its rays. Juliana Beach Resort offers you this unbelievable opportunity of the frontline beach access where you can always enjoy the sea and have a sunbath by the pool.

The Resort also offers varies alternatives of activities and services. You can enjoy the spa and give yourself a “YOU” time and also relax and enjoy the moment. Another amazing feature which the resort offers is an open roof area where you can grab a snack and simply enjoy the fascinating sea view

from above. On the roof you can also find a gym which offers a diversity of simulators which you can use. Imagine working out and having this sea view, it is just a dream which can become a reality!

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